Our Team's Skills

Margaret Hollinger, President
Hollinger Training Solutions Inc


Margaret Hollinger earned a BA in Business and Computers and an MS in Occupational Education. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Communication / Instructional Systems Development from the Houston UT Health Science Center.


Margaret has hands-on experience with:

  • Project Management
    • e-Learning project manager since 1992
    • Financial Planning
    • Project Resource Planning, Allocation and Tracking
    • Client Interface

  • Multimedia Production and Management
    • Computer programming
    • Graphic arts
    • Animation
    • Production and digitizing of photographs, audio, video

  • Instructional Systems Development
    • Systems Analysis
    • Design parameters
    • Content Analysis and Design
    • Program Design and Development

  • Team Building
    • Group Dynamics
    • ISO 9000 Certification
    • Skills Assessment



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Design and Development Team

Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals. All members of each project team have advanced specialized training or higher education in the field and years of work experience in their area of expertise.


Project Management

Our work processes are key to making each project meet the needs of our clients. Each Hollinger Training Solutions team member is accountable for producing exceptional work that meets Hollinger Training Solutions's high standards of quality. Our proven processes have allowed us to work smarter and faster.


Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

ISD is the core methodology behind our success. Our Instructional Systems Designers have advanced degrees in ISD and apply their expertise to e-Learning applications. Our work processes use the ISD model to analyze needs, design the best solution, develop a product that meets project requirements, activate the learning in the client environment and evaluate the training for continuous improvement opportunities.


Graphics Arts, Video and Animation

We bring compelling content to life by using a variety of visual arts. Our graphic artists work closely with our instructional designers to create interface designs that fit the corporate culture. The imagery supports the content and increases the learner's understanding and interest in the subject matter and helps us balance the visual message with the technical specifications demanded in the client environment.


Computer Programming

To execute the design, our computer programmers stretch available technology while ensuring the training performs correctly in the client environment. We are experts in all mainstream development software currently available on the market.


Database Programming

Often, using a database can improve performance when content is complex or on large-scale projects. We can help clients determine when a creating a database will enhance the project and how to integrate one into their existing infrastructure.